Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Open Education

I believe in Freedom, and my/our right in Education as part of our freedom.
So,I compiled this list of online University Courses, below are links to online course provided by some universities - -;((( my university "Kent" does not provide such a service so far -
and I have found a very interesting site called WikiVersity - it was my first time to find it ?!!! -

WikiVersity link is h3r3

Universities online Courses

The Sweet Berkeley :

The Lovely MIT :

Carnegie Mellon :

Johns Hopkins :

Notre Dame :

Podcasts from Universities

The Sweet Berkely :

Stanford :

Purdue :

University Channel PrinceTon :


Free Ebooks:

Project Gutenberg :

Wikibooks :

Free Audio Books :

Free Academic Textbooks :


BBC languages :

FSI Language Courses :

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