Thursday, 11 October 2007

Internet2 , Sky is the limit ; it reaches 100GbPS

The prospect of dialing up a dedicated 10Gbps optical link between your office and another firm across the country became a reality today—at least, if your office is a member of Internet2. The research network announced at its fall meeting that it had completed a major upgrade to its national infrastructure, which now operates at 100Gbps and allows researchers to provision their own dedicated links for limited periods of time.
The main network remains IP-based and connects more than 200 universities, in addition to limited connections to government and industry facilities. Each network segment now features a set of 10 10Gbps links, each running on a separate wavelength of light, for a total of 100Gbps of bandwidth. And that's only the start; Internet2 says it can scale each segment to handle up to 100 wavelengths in the future. That's... a lot of star charts.

I consider Internet2 is a challenge to IP and Security manufacturing firms.

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