Monday, 4 February 2008

Egypt Internet Outage - Part 2 -

We spoke before about Egypt internet outage, and we had a strange point of view (at that time) that may be this cut is a kind of cyber tourism against Egypt.
Tarek Kamel MCIT Minister just announced that Ship Anchor got nothing to do with the Cable cut, and no ships were there 12 hours before and after
Reference for this breaking news is h3r3.
If you want to know about all the submarine cables that feeds Egypt with Internet please read below (They are three in count)

1) FALCON details are h3r3
2) FALCON FEA details are he3r3
3) I-ME-WE details are h3r3

and for the news of Cables cut episode, Friday we had another cable cut at Qatar, Reference is h3r3

Study on the Effect of Cable cut through Mediterranean out of Standford University is h3r3
Study on Egypt Internet outage from Stanford (same link as above) is h3r3

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