Saturday, 31 May 2008

FOSS Workshop in Libya Summary

The Workshop was organized by COMESA, and it was for COMESA member countries. There were around 15 different countries/delegates attending the workshop

I will list some of the output that I see that this workshop achieved

0) FOSS awareness
1) Clearing the image of FOSS and that it can be used for high grade application
2) Some concerns about accusation of several open source projects and if that my affect the FOSS world
3) Hands on training, it is enough for me to state that every delegate installed Ubuntu Hardy Haron 8.04 on their home language and we ended up with one table that has 10 computers and three different Ubuntu languages installations (English, French and Arabic)
4) A show case of CMS and how it could be used to generate content easily and effectively.
5) we (as participants) are discussing now, what else could be done after this workshop
6) Ubuntu Straps have been distributed to the delegates and some of them already sticked it on their laptops.

a Link on FOSSFA website talking about the workshop is h3r3

Nnenna During her presentation
Hands on and CMS talk

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