Sunday, 22 June 2008

Aladdin HASP is now Available for Linux

Aladdin Knowledge Systems, an information security leader specializing in authentication, software DRM, and content security, is including Linux support for its software- and hardware-based copy protection and licensing solution -- Aladdin HASP SRM.

Software publishers developing products for the Linux operating system can now take advantage of cross-locking capabilities that combine copy protection, unmatched IP protection, and secure licensing using HASP SRM hardware-based security for individual keys or product activation in a network environment.

It features a protection API and a Linux Envelope for automatic file-wrapping. Software developers currently using HASP HL for Linux will also gain a significant increase in security with HASP SRM.

Although HASP products and it's essence are contracting with Linux and Open Source Spirit, but I'm glad to see all business applications are targeting Linux.

1 comment:

rashrosha said...

this is great,
if you have tried the Hasp SRM can you tell me how can i protect my software by checking certain IP address where the software installed?
and is it possible to code a username and password to be checked when the software loads with the hasp_login function for example.
i need to discuss more topics with hasp SRM using
ENG /Rasha

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