Wednesday, 9 July 2008


The Freedom Toaster is both a concept and a physical machine. As a concept, the Freedom Toaster is a bandwidth substitute. It is a way of moving massive amounts of information from a variety of sources, including the Internet, to the remote end user without the infrastructure that is usually required. Currently it is a system for disseminating Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and content (operating systems, productivity and business software, community e-books e-learning packages). In physical form the Freedom Toaster is a low cost computer, with CD/DVD-burning devices and a web browser enabled touch screen interface assembled into wh looks like a vending machine. People are able to use the Freedom Toaster by touching the various menu options on the touch screen, and following the instructions that follow.

The name "Freedom Toaster" was chosen because it uses Linux, a free license Operating System, and within the language of Linux users the act of burning a CD is termed "toasting". However, it later became apparent that the name had a deeper meaning than originally intended It encapsulates the philosophy of FOSS. We have the freedom to choose which software we use we have the freedom to change it if we want to, and we have the freedom to share it with anyone for free.

The Shuttleworth Foundation created and invested in the Freedom Toaster project to further its mandate of driving innovation. Mark Shuttleworth, the foundations' founder, believes that "if we are to lift Africa from her current circumstances, we will need a generation of learners that are gifted with curiosity about the world in which they live, and the tools to understand and shape that world". To do this, they need access to information.

P.S. Shuttleworth foundation is established by Michel Shuttleworh the founder of Ubuntu

Please try to have as many roasters as you can in Africa and other challenged countries to help their kids to live a better tomorrow or at least spread the Idea.

Freedomtoaster is a project of ShuttleWorth Foundation, link is h3r3

FreedomToaster is h3r3


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