Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Juniper SSL VPN IVE Firmware remote upgrade bug

There is a known bug to Juniper & did not find much about it online, the bug doesn't allow you to perform a remote Firmware upgrade to your Juniper SSL VPN device (IVE) if the firmware is 6.1R1. If you have a later firmware you may not be subjected to this bug, and please note "may" as per Juniper the bug is there with later versions up to 6.2r3, but Actually when I tried with the 6.2R3 firmware the remote upgrade worked smoothly.

If you have Juniper IVE firmware 6.1R1 and you try to upgrade your firmware remotely it will not work, it will give you a Error Close message box with a broken Browser page.
to overcome this problem, you need to connect your laptop to the same switch as the Juniper SSL VPN gate (IVE) and do the firmware upgrade.


the Good Doctor said...

Thanks for this!
I am running 6.0r3.1 and I have been fighting all day to upgrade my test box. I will try this tomorrow. I am testing the upgrade using firefox now and so far I am over 50% without an issue.

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

I'm happy that my post helped you out.
I'm preparing some documents on Juniper SSL VPN, would love to share it with every one when I'm done

Stereo said...

I managed to work around this bug by lowering the MTU on the interface I was managing.

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