Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Air traffic control radar display published as open source

Open Source is going everywhere, and everything being opened. Albatross is the name of Open Source software available to display radar data for air traffic controllers.

The tool is meant to provide the controller with precise visualization of airspace. The software can receive surveillance data (Eurocontrol's Asterix format) and display aircraft tracks on maps. The application can also zoom in and pan, offers range and bearing of objects.

As Skysoft announced in March, the radar display application is the first of several tools that the Swiss specialist will publish as open source. In its statement it explains that it aims for wider adoption of such applications.

According to the company, its open source development community is very active. More than 150 members have joined since the project was announced, with about half of them becoming involved in the development of the radar display application.

Application and Reference news are hosted h3r3
Another link on Airport Technology could be found h3r3

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