Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Web Applications Security Assessment Tools - SkipFish -

This is another Google Project for Web Application Security Assessment, it is called SkipFish. It is open Source Project with Code License Apache License 2.0.

Main Features of this Project :

  • High speed: pure C code, highly optimized HTTP handling, minimal CPU footprint - easily achieving 2000 requests per second with responsive targets.
  • Ease of use: heuristics to support a variety of quirky web frameworks and mixed-technology sites, with automatic learning capabilities, on-the-fly wordlist creation, and form autocompletion.
  • Cutting-edge security logic: high quality, low false positive, differential security checks, capable of spotting a range of subtle flaws, including blind injection vectors.
The tool is believed to support Linux, FreeBSD 7.0+, MacOS X, and Windows (Cygwin) environments.

Project Page is h3r3

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