Saturday, 9 June 2007

MS Exchange Open Source Replacement


I have been researching for a while on MS-Exchange Replacement , with the following aims :
1) Something more stable
2) Easier to maintain
3) less expensive

I found the following

There is an Open Source version which gives full features with only 25 users that can have MS-Outlook Access to their inbox.
although that the Web interface it intutive, AJAX , and pretty fast
all features are accessible in the Open Source versions except the number of users limitation

SCALIX works on RedHat Enterprise Version , although that it is easy to make it work on other distros

there is support for AntiVirus, SPAM filtering and many other features.
the Community and Forum are active

I do not have much experience on it, as I did not try it extensively.
it is all time constrant, but for sure I will work on it and let all of you know.

I just read about it, did not have the hands on experience, but I found this nice article regarding it.
it is in the pipeline as well, and will keep you posted
Nice Article

Please if you have any other experience you can share with us, we love to hear for you
Samer Azmy


Art said...

Citadel is possibly the best of the bunch if you are looking for a "true open source" (as opposed to commercial software just barely passing as open source) solution. It is community developed and feature rich. It has an AJAX-enabled web client, and supports lots of different client software via IMAP, DAV, etc. There is even an Outlook connector which will be coming out later this year.

And of course, there is no special "enterprise edition" you have to buy in order to get the full functionality. Exchange has a limit of 16 GB before you have to upgrade. Scalix and Zimbra have a limited feature set unless you buy their enterprise versions. Not so with Citadel -- the very best of Citadel is available to everyone on the same free, open source (GPL) terms.

Do give it a try before committing to something else. Evaluating Citadel is easy -- you can either run the Easy Install process on a spare server, or you can download and run a pre-configured VMware appliance.

Caldwell said...

Plus, if you sign up for Citadel you get the previous poster's snotty attitude, absolutely free!

When you have the time, you should try all 3 of the ones you picked plus Open-Xchange. Pick the one that does best what you need it to do. Ignore the partisans.

Samer Azmy said...

thankx for the tip, I will evaluate it over this weekend, and will report everything

Rob said...

I'm not really into managing mail servers, but a while ago I put this in my bookmarks as a possible exchange replacement:
Not really free and open source but free to use for a maximum of 12 users and with complete outlook connectors.

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