Saturday, 30 June 2007

Yahoo Phishing and Yahoo feedback

I have been fooled and trapped to a Yahoo phishing site.
It was a message asking to view some pics and send my honest feedback, I though it is something legitimate, but it never was
once I saw the yahoo photo phised page, I entered my password which in less than a minute - when I realized that was phishing that password have been changed
and have done the same thing to many others at my contact list.
They asked for money to return our mail again
the VERY STRANGE/BAD thing that YAHOO never cared to help us, I was very sad to find that YAHOO ppl do not care about their customers.
I wrote them many mails, and it was always the same reply - a ready made template-
All what I wanted was to reset my password and send the reset link to my valid alternate mail, but that was in vain
Yahoo ppl I'm so sad and upset from how you treated all of us

Please avoid this site (Yahoo Photo Phising : )

Please do not go to the above site

I knew that IP that changed my password through YAHOO sending me mail that my password have been changed and never helped me to return it back []

Finally , I'm sorry Yahoo to find you never care about your customers

Sorry to my friends that got trapped in this


Ahmed said...

Same thing happened to me and I contacted yahoo several times and forwarded the phishing site to them. Moveover, I was able to identify the yahoo ID of the person that tricked me and others into this and unfortunately I had to pay her in order to regain my password for my account and for my friends' accounts. Her messenger and yahoo ID is:
Yahoo and company really suck at handeling serious customer service issues.

ravi said...

If you upload your photo or a secret message to the authentic yahoo site and then use the same computer to re-login , you should see the same photo or secret message.
otherwise its Phishing site.
well , even from the URL you can guess that.
But , what ever safe guards are there , we busy people tend to type user name ,then enter password in a minute. I am not an exception :)

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