Sunday, 29 July 2007

Access Pay sites without payment or authentication


This is to Access pay/registration required sites for free
I do not know if this will work with every site on the internet plex. but it worked on many sites for me.

All what you need to do, is to make your web browser distinguish itself as Google Bot

All of us have seen Google returns search results that lead to sites that require a registeration ?, How googlebot index the site without a registration ?
Many sites want their site indexed in google to recieve more hits and thus, make more money with advertisment on their site.
Even more interesting is the following question:
How do we use this to our advantage ?

It is Simple , we need to disguise ourselfs as the googlebot, many sites will let you in without authentication/registration.
The parameter we have to change is called the User Agent. The user agent defines the browser and version that you use. For example it would show Internet Explorer as your browser if you are using this one.

You need to alter your Browser settings to the following:

User Agent: Googlebot/2.1

You can do so in Opera with ease. Firefox offers an extension which is downloadable from the official website. Download h3r3

For Internet Explorer you need to change registry entries.I will not write how, as Microsoft products do not deserve considering them.

* This is supposedly for educational purposes and not to be used in a malicious manner!

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Make a tutorial how to use it

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