Friday, 13 July 2007

Apple Inc., Purchased CUPS

Apple Inc., Purchased CUPS code - the printing Software/Daemon on Linux-

although that I Do not agree on the term purchase, but this is how it was written by the Main developer of CUPS

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the Code is under GPL2, and it will continue being so, but still I do not understand what is this purchase, and why they did not say SPONSOR
really, I do not know ?!!!!


Samer Azmy said...

I got this reply from my friend Jerome,
- I'm reposting the reply for you guys

You can read why it is possible here:

Please do not get confused with the wording. A distribution license is
different from that of copyright, trademark, etc. Apple has lots of
these things happening underneath OSX and so does Microsoft in
Windows. Lots of Open Source software are under similar terms like
those from the Apache Software Foundation and Eclipse Foundation. The
keyword here is open collaboration with the community.

Apple Inc. has trademarked the Common UNIX Printing System, CUPS, and
CUPS logo. These names and logos may be used freely in any direct port
or binary distribution of CUPS. To use them in derivative products,
please contract Apple Inc. for written permission. Our intention is to
protect the value of these trademarks and ensure that any derivative
product meets the same high-quality standards as the original.

The Common UNIX Printing SystemTM, ("CUPSTM"), is provided under the
GNU General Public License ("GPL") and GNU Library General Public
License ("LGPL"), Version 2, with exceptions for Apple operating
systems and the OpenSSL toolkit.

The GNU LGPL applies to the CUPS and CUPS Imaging libraries located in
the "cups" and "filter" subdirectories of the CUPS source distribution
and in the "cups" include directory and library files in the binary
distributions. The GNU GPL applies to the remainder of the CUPS
distribution, including the "pdftops" filter which is based upon Xpdf.

For those not familiar with the GNU GPL, the license basically allows you to:

* Use the CUPS software at no charge.
* Distribute verbatim copies of the software in source or binary form.
* Sell verbatim copies of the software for a media fee, or sell
support for the software.
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eloy marcelo said...

Thanks Jerome.

How does one go about getting a distribution license?

Thanks for the blog Samer!

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