Sunday, 1 July 2007

GPL version 3, Released TODAY

GPL version 3 , Released today

The Final license is at :

Free Software Directory, where you can find a Catalog of all useful Free software that runs on Free Operating System.

Quoted :
Jeremy Allison, speaking on behalf of the Samba team, states that they see the new license as “a great improvement on the older GPL,” and that it is “a necessary update to deal with the new threats to free software that have emerged since version 2 of the GPL.”

Here you can order a Book and a T-shirt to Support FSF "Free Software Foundation"

Wake up guys, what a pleasant/memorial Weekend GPL3 will take care of bad/evil deals like Novell/Microsoft, and an Evil initiative like ORACLE Linux. Novell Announcement here

Thankx Mr. Stallman for keeping the bad guys bad ""Instead of saying Novell can't distribute GPLv3 covered programs under their deal, we found a cleverer thing to do with it," Stallman said."

The FSF also revealed today in its release that over 15 GNU programs will be released under the new license today with the intention of having the entire GNU project follow soon.

Please notice that:
"If you use code covered by a reciprocal license, that license requires that it control the code when it's licensed back out. You can't have multiple licenses that by their terms claim to govern a particular work automatically. So, it's correct to say that "GPL2 only" code and GPL3 code are not compatible."

Please notice that Free Software isnt talking about Free as Money, but it talks about Free as FREEDOM, Liberty.

Unfortunately Mr. Linus Torvalds doesnt like GPLv3.0 much, here you can read Mail that states some of Linux opinion about GPLv3.

Please note that GPLv3.o deals with DRM in a different way.

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