Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Small Foot Print Linux - Linux that run on old/very old Hardware

Hello All,

I find this topic pretty interesting, it is about Small Foot Print Linux Distro, in other words Linux distribution that works on old Hardware something Linux 386 and 256MB RAM
We found the following :
1) Puppy Linux Live CD is here , which comes with JWM as screen manager, a replacement to KDE or Gnome
2) Mad Tux

Commercial Small Foot Print Linux is Simple ICT, or how they call it, I find it very expensive.

Frankly, I'm not sure if those are the only small foot print, I wonder if any1 else has some contributions on this.

Waiting for your comments guys,



Handoko said...

Small foot print does not really have to be linux with lack of capabilities or older hardware such as 286, as I found out that a Pentium III class processor with 128/256MB can handle most of the job. A Pentium III class processor is also manufactured by AMD, VIA and others. No need to lower the specification since it is available and seems to still being produced instead of being obsolescence.

My quest is then, how to put linux, preferably latest version, on a minimum storage of 1GB (USB disk can hold this), and portable from one computer to another.

For the web server, I would suggest to include Apache, MySql, and a CMS software with database capabilities such as Joomla! And not necessarily to be put in a usb. There are external hard disk products that can hold gigs of storage. However a flash disk is still preferable.

As we can produce liveCD for demo purposes, for the linux client will have , browser such as firefox or opera, email client and additional programs as long as the storage can hold.

With all the available open source software will prove that using linux as platform is easy as 1-2-3.

Handoko -

Samer Azmy said...

I have found another Small Foot Print Linux

Good luck

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