Monday, 6 August 2007

How to remove SugarCRM logo and keep it working


This is how to remove SugarCRM logo and keep the login page working and everything working.
it is not only removing the SugarCRM logo , but replacing it with any image on your own and keep SugarCRM happy and does not feel anything.

I'm posting this as I took it as a challenge once, and since it is open source the license is enough for me, no need to force me to have you logo.

How it works:
it is Simple, they hash EVERY file on the SUGARCRM folder, and they create on fly a has for every file and compare it with the original hashs.
when the comparison fails, SugarCRM get stucked.

Details are below:

File Name&Path : include/utils/encryption_utils.php -->
please modify the above file to have only the below lines

function sugarEncode($key, $data){
return base64_encode($data);

function sugarDecode($key, $encoded){
$data = base64_decode($encoded);
return $data;

File Name & Path : modules/Administration/ updater_utils.php
function check_now

add exit; add the end of the function and before the return


JoeV said...

Hi Samer

Could you please, explain a little bit more the modification to the updates_utils.php, not clear what do you mean by:

add exit; add the end of the function and before the return

Many thanks


Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

Hello Joev,
Please find details below
1) Please locate updates_utils.php
2) locate last line which will have "return"
3) add "exit;" without quotes before the "return"
That is all, good luck, and let me know if u needed anything

haven said...

just tried that, not working.
To which version does this code apply?

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

it works up to SugarCRM 4.5
would you please elaborate , and tell me any error messages

JoeV said...

Hi Samer

I followed your instructions but no results. The version that I am using is 4.5.1e.
Once I did the changes to both files as you suggested, I tried to start the SugarCRM site but no web page was displayed (got a blank screen). When I deleted the exit command from updater_utils.php (just getting it back to its original state) then I got the welcome page but with a warning: Please replace the SugarCRM logos.

Any idea how this can be fixed?

Many thanks JoeV.

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

Oh, I know what you are talkin about
Please follow the changes as I wrote and when you have the blank page, please hit REFRESH
and tell me if it works for you or not
there is another line of code that we will add after you confirm that hitting refresh gets you the login page
good luck

JoeV said...

Hi Samer.

I hit REFRESH after I got the blank screen, but still getting the same blank page.

Looking forward for your reply.


Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

please make a fresh installation and let us make it together
good luck

JoeV said...

Hello Samer

Is there a possibiity to get your email,in order to send you the nodified files for your review. Before I do the re-installation.
My email is

Many thanks.


CiD said...

hey i need help too, please if somebody have solution for the fix the logos problem write to me please mys address is


CRM User said...

Hi Samer

Thanks a lot for such a nice post.
I have gone through your steps and it's working for me. But when ever I am logging in it is taking me to a blank page, if I am removing index.php from the URL and hitting enter after that it is working fine.
Any solution for this ?
Waiting for ur response.

Thanks In Advance!!

Amin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amin said...

i am having the same problem, the remove woks but it doenst login till i remove the index.php, can some one tell me what i should add or remove. thanx all

Amol Savat said...

Do like this........
add link in between startSession()
and execute() on index.php

srinivas said...

Hi Savat,
I followed ur technique but it is not working bcoz after http we are placing "//" this symbol.But after the words after this symbol(//)cant be executed in php.Plz tell me any other way to get rid off this problem.
Thanks and Regards,

Vyom Career eMagazine said...

Thanks a ton for this information. It worked!

Any idea like how to modify SugarCRM to include multiple disjoint companies?

RF said...

Hi, vyom can you publish the index.php lines? it worked to you without the blank screen?

RancakDiSitu said...

i did not edit the index.php file and it worked fine.

Hash said...

Hello Samer,
Thank you for this. I am having problems and coming to the blank page on version 5.1. I can remove index.php from url and it works fine. I have tried to make change to index.php as posted, but have no luck. Please let me know what else to do or look for. Thank you again.

maxiluuv said...

I actually solved it by using the exit; commands and a javascript.Please contact me for help.It cannot be allowed here in this forum.dont know why

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

No you can post whatever you like here as long as it is not advertisement and in the point
So, share what you have if you care

Hash said...

Maxiluuv, Where did you go?I have tried to contact you. You can post your fix on this site or email me at Thank you in advance for the help..

unclewiggly69 said...

I do not use/or have heard of SugarsCrm, but I do know the solution to the issue in the last entry by Amol Savat.

This site does not allow the posting of the tags that are needed for your solutions. Please refer to th following page...

Select option 2.

Paste all of the code in the exact spot mentioned last by Amol Savat. (his code is incorrect and cannot be posted to this site)

Make sure you remove the opening and closing php brackets for the code you copy.


CHS said...

Can someone demonstrate how this is done, im lost, I paste the code :


but it breaks the page.

CHS said...

It turns out it didn't break the page. If I remove the index.php part of the URL and press enter again it loads without the logo and footer. Its very annoying tho. Does anyone know how to fix it?

larsaman said...

Hi all!

Anyone can give a continuation to this thread?

I am trying to get stuff inserted between:


I still get a blak page and have to press refresh in order to have SugarCRM work again.

Please,any PHP expert ;)


Syeda Fauzia Faheem said...

I did a bit change and it is working fine.

Please find details below
1) Please locate crmfolder/modules/Administration/updates_utils.php
2) locate function "check_now" and its last line which will have "return"
3) add "header("location:index.php");exit();" without quotes before the "return"

4)Turn warnings OFF.

That is all


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