Thursday, 30 August 2007

Skype alternative but Open Source

Skype is very contradicting to Open Source spirit
- It uses proprietary closed and encrypted protocol (closed also means weak);
- Written using obfuscation in software (decryption and checks also uses additional n800 power and resources)

Skype Detailed Analyzes that I enjoyed reading - WhitePaper from BlackHat Europe, March 2006 -

- According to latest reports it reads sensitive user information (many /etc files, Firefox Profile, and many others) and nobody knows why (because software is closed source and obfuscated) and how it can be used by crackers.

Detailed discussion at Skype forum could be found here

So, Wengo is viable as alternative to the Skype.

What is Wengo ?

Wengo is an Open Source Software for IP communication that competes with Skype in features , User Interface, and it almost runs on all Operating System (Linux, MacOS X, Window$)

Why Wengo ?
Please read the introduction.

Screen shots of User Interface on Wengo ?
Could be found h3r3

Where Wengo ?
Link h3r3.

Please write your reviews here , if you had the time to try it , So we all learn from your experience.

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