Tuesday, 7 August 2007

WikiPedia offline - how to search WikiPedia without internet connection -


This is a special post, it shows how to have the WikiPedia on your pocket (on a DVD/CD-ROM or your handeled)
They called it Wiki for Schools.
It has the size of a 15 volume encyclopaedia with 24,000 pictures, 14 million words and articles on 4,625 topics. It includes the best of Wikipedia as well as many thousands of pages of extra material specifically selected to be of interest to children who follow the UK National Curriculum and similar curricula elsewhere in the world.

Target group that can benefit is :
Schools without internet connection
Remote locations without internet connection
Mobile user (users on mobile devices or moving users)

  • The selection is organised around National Curriculum subjects
  • The articles have been cleaned up and checked for suitability for children
  • Website: http://schools-wikipedia.org/
  • Available for free as BitTorrent download (2.5GB compressed with full size images) or HTTP download (792MB compressed with only thumbnail images) or on DVD from SOS Children’s offices. See below for download instructions.
Download WikiPedia for Schools Small ZIP h3r3

Full Download : is acquired by using BitTorrent
WikiPedia bittorrent h3r3

BitTorrent Download Link h3r3

Link to the Project ShoolWiki h3r3


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