Sunday, 30 September 2007

Install Windows XP on SATA Hard drives

This is a how to install Windows XP on SATA Hard Drive without using Floppy Disk.
Since Microsoft is not a fair vendor, they stopped Windows XP support and they don't include SATA Drivers in Windows XP Installation CD.
Please note that Linux Supports SATA installation because Linux is fair and NOT making use of us.
To solve this problem we will need to include SATA Drivers in Windows XP Installation CD.
To do that

1) We get your Windows XP CD
2) Download and Install Nlite - It is a Free Good Program - link h3r3
3) Use this utility Nlite to customize the Winodws Installation CD or in other words add SATA Driver to Windows XP CD - that will be done in screenshots as follows :

a) After Installing Nlite

b) Point Nlite to the CD-ROM that has the Windows XP installation CD

c) It will scan and copy Windows files to your Hard Drive.
d) click next on the session screen
e) click on Drivers button so Nlite will know that you will add a driver to the Windows XP files copied to your hard drive.

f) Download the SATA Driver that needed.
g) Uncompress it on a separate folder on your Hard Drive
h) Add the Driver using Nlite.

i) Complete the Build
j) Generate the ISO image of what you just compiled

k) Burn it to a CD and Enjoy

1 comment:

waelaase said...

thank you for your article
i just wanted to add that you may need to disable native sata support to allow the windows XP to find the hard disk
I've done this for my laptop with sata harddisk and i did not need any drivers

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