Monday, 24 September 2007

Mashup or Semantic Web

Intel has released an online tool called Mash Maker with the intent of allowing anyone to create mashups. if you want to know the use of Mash , please check our post on Semantic web link h3r3 .
They offer a tutorial on how to use it, but it is fairly easy to use out of the gate. it is more a semantic browser.
From the article: 'Mashups have still not really penetrated the mainstream. My mother is not using mashup sites, and she is definitely not creating them. Even if there was a mashup out there that did exactly what she wanted, the chances are that she wouldn't know it existed, and would be confused by it if she tried to use it ... With Mash Maker, mashups are part of the normal browsing experience. As you browse the web, the Mash Maker toolbar displays buttons representing mashups that Mash Maker thinks you might want to apply to your current page.'"

If you ask me, why Intel will be interested in Semantic Web, I will reply - I have no clue -;) -

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