Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Google Applications

Base Technologies: Internal Development

Google primarily relies on its own internally developed software for data and network management and has a reputation for being skeptical of "not invented here" technologies, so relatively few vendors can claim it as a customer.

Distributed file system Google File System Google proprietary
Distributed scheduling Global Work Queue Google proprietary
Very large database management systems BigTable,Berkeley DB Google proprietary, Sleepycat Software/Oracle
Server operating system Red Hat Linux (with kernel-level modifications by Google) Red Hat, Google
Web protocol accelerator NetScaler Application Delivery Citrix Systems
Web content translation Rosette Language Analyzers for Chinese, Japanese and Korean (used in combination with Google proprietary translation technology) Basis Technology
File conversion and content extraction Outside In Stellent
Google's primary programming languages include C/C++, java and python. Guido Van Rossum, Python's creator, went to work for google at the end of 2005. The company also has created sawzall, a special-purpose distributed computing job preparation language

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