Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Linux System Admin. Interview questions

What utility can you use to automate rotation of logs?
You issue the following command useradd -m bobm But the user cannot logon. What is the problem?
Which of the tasks is not necessary when creating a new user by editing the /etc/passwd file?
Which character to use at the beginning of the password field to prevent a user from login?
You have a new application on a CD-ROM that you wish to install. What should your first step be?
You have the /var directory on its own partition. You have run out of space. What should you do?
What command can you use to determine to know how the directory structure was stored?
If you type the command cat dog & > cat what would you see on your display?
What can you type at a command line to determine which shell you are using?
Other than TOP which utility can also be used to change priority of process?
What command to use for checking the no. of files and disk space used and each user's defined quotas
What account is created when you install Linux?
You need to view the contents of the tarfile called MyBackup.tar. What command would you use?
What command should you type to restore memo.ben file from backedup TAR (MyBackup.tar)?

and Many others with answers h3r3

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