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Web Based Operating System

Web Based Operating System or known as WEBOS. Is a kind of having your own personal space on a central server and your own dekstop applications- that is what may be called future vision -. Theoretically all what you need to access your web based Operating system is only your web browser. if you raise the point of how i may have a Web Browser without having an Operating system installed on my PC/Hardware, I will simply tell you that you can have alight operating system ,you can use a thin client or Mobile Phone , and in all cases you will be able to login to the web based Operating system, so far you can NOT install applications on your own Web OS.

Most of the Web Based Operating Systems are Java Script Based.

You may wonder what are the usages and needs of such an OS, let me reply that simply by saying it is forcasted Operating system of the future , where we all will be in the matrix and all our files in a central repository and supposedly no privacy.

And remember that web based Operating System is a great opportunity of Marketing bases companies like Google to really know every single click that you do, and will be able to target you with 100% targeted Advertisement.

Some of the Applications that you may find in a Web Based Operating System are
* File sharing
* Webmail
* Blog creator
* Instant messenger
* Address book
* Calendar
* Live Chat rooms
* Notepad
* Bookmarks/Favorites
* Message boards
* RSS Reader
* Website Editor
* Office productivity applications
* Online document collaboration

A list of the Web Based Operating Systems that I have been through are :

Open Source Web Based Operating System

EyeOS link h3r3
EyeOS Screenshots link h3r3

Here you can see some Screenshots of eyeOS 0.9.x. Don't hesitate to send us your eyeOS Desktop screenshots, for being published here! You can send them to our mail. Thanks!

eyeOS Screenshot eyeOS Screenshot eyeOS Screenshot eyeOS Screenshot eyeOS Screenshot eyeOS Screenshot eyeOS Screenshot eyeOS Screenshot eyeOS Screenshot eyeOS Screenshot

Other Licensed Web Based Operating Systems :

* Ulteo link h3r3
* DesktopTwo link h3r3
* dewspot link h3r3
* eXo WebOS link h3r3
* GCOE X link h3r3
* link h3r3
* Oos link h3r3
* xindesk link h3r3
* YouOS link h3r3
* ajaxWindows link h3r3

Some people may not agree that Zoho is a web based operating system, but I see it so
Zoho link h3r3
List of applications provided by ZOHO are :
  • Project Management
  • Writer
  • Sheet
  • CRM
  • Show /Presentation
  • Creator
  • Meeting
  • Wiki
  • Notebook
  • Chat
  • DB & Reports
  • Planner
  • Mail

and Don't forget Google Suite (Write, Sheets and Presentation) link h3r3

History of Web Based Operating System

WebOS gained popularity in 1999 when a much touted start up, WebOS Inc. (at first known as Hyperofficeand later known as MyWebOS), was founded by Berkeley grad Shervin Pishevar and Emory grad Drew Morris. WebOS licensed the WebOS technologies from Duke University and University of Texas (Austin) and recruited Dr. Amin Vahdat, Professor of Computer Science at Duke, who had pioneered the WebOS technologies at University of California at Berkeley where he got his PhD on his WebOS research. WebOS acquired, which was created by a young Swedish programmer, Fredrik Malmer, who had created the first online desktop environment. Soon after, some of the top DHTML and Javascript programmers in the world such as Erik Arvidsson of WebFx fame, Dan Steinman, creator of the Dynamic Duo Cross-browser DHTML API, joined WebOS. WebOS raised over $10 million in financing from Impact Venture Partners led by Adam Dell and Grotech Capital. WebOS was launched with a vision of creating the first web operating system complete with a WebOS API allowing developers to create Windows-like web applications that worked an extremely fast speeds by caching much of the code in the local browser. Arvidsson later launched Bindows, a framework very similar to the WebOS API, that does much of this and is used by many large companies and the US Military. WebOS filed the very first WebOS patents in 1999. WebOS competed with another start up,, which was aimed more at the consumer market. WebOS was covered by many media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, financial Times, LA Times, Power lunch on CNBC, Fox News and CNN and helped spread the WebOS meme further. WebOS launched Hyperoffice[13], a full office suite, back in 1999.
- Reference on history section is WikiPedia -


Carrie said...

Desktoptwo is open source. In fact, all of the applications found on Desktoptwo are liberated through its free software community, Sapodesk ( There's a link on the Desktoptwo desktop that takes you to Sapodesk and you'll see all of the Desktoptwo applications (all code) and other projects as well. This is the best of the bunch by far and I've been using it for about 4 months. Great product.

Rami said...

Good analysis. Unlike other systems (the Global Hosted Operating SysTem) works with 3D party applications on the web and provides free 3GB of file storage.

We welcome feedback at


Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

Thank you for your comment.
About installing Third Party application, Would you please elaborate what are those third parties, how they are written.
This was my first time to know that we can write third party application for WebOS, and what are the security measures taken on those application as they will be hosted on the Platform.
Is there is any kinda of SDK

j.kuster said...

yes, i really like the open source character of eyeos. though i think that many other webtops such as are yet much more mature and look even better. particularly as regards usability.

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

Thankx you for the comments and the addition.
I still want to know, if we can install Third Party Application on such a platform.
I may be going far, but somehow I consider SecondLife, and Facebook having this feature of Third party application and they are still still web based paltform.
So, Some day we will find the webos applications.
another point that I love about webos, that is takes Mobile phones to another dimensions and make it the thing

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