Saturday, 10 November 2007

Ubuntu Upgrade Problem with Windows WIFI Drivers

If you upgraded from Ubuntu 7.0.4 to Ubuntu 7.10 with the upgrade utility like me , you may expect troubles with your Windows WIFI driver loaded through NDISWRAPPER.

As the upgrade may cause Ubuntu dropping one or more of your loaded NDISWRAPPER loaded driver although it keeps their modprobe extension.

To correct this issue , please use the command Prompt/Shell to remove the current loaded driver and add it again (at least that solved the problem for me), as using the GUI of NDISWRAPPER to remove the driver and adding it again did not work for me.

Shell command should loook like that
root# ndiswrapper -l
the above command lists the loaded drivers
root# ndiswrapper -r
the above command to remove the listed driver
root# ndiswrapper -i
the above command to load the Windows driver for your WIFI card again
root#ndiswrapper -m
to write modprobe module
you should be able to use your WIFI again

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