Thursday, 27 December 2007

Secured Mail Hosting Service the Truth

We all read about and find the super secured and encrypted mail hosting services, which in other words is fully on SSL and the messages are stored encrypted in the provider's storage space.
That what we all know, but recently NSA (National Security Agency - National here is relative to USA -) is controlling such services and have back doors so that can read your ultra secured encrypted mail below is a list of the the no longer secured mail providers as they claim
Hushmail / Canada ( ),
Guardster / USA ( ), and / Israel ( )

Reference Link :
Quoted from the above link :

Just learned following within the past few days:

Certain privacy/full session SSL email hosting services have been purchased/changed operational control by NSA and affiliates within the past few months, through private intermediary entities.

Hushmail: now fully owned by private entity NSA affiliate; has had informal relationship with NSA for a number of years that effectively provided NSA with real time access to Hushmail's hosting servers. Israeli-based, ironically privately lauded by NSA and US military several years ago for its sound implementation of SendMail with SSL webmail GUI frontend. Now provides mail server info to NSA in real time. (SSH/SSL proxy): NSA contractors have "bought" full access rights to Guardster servers a few days ago. Separate but related: faciliated port sniffing of hosting servers at Everyones Internet, on NSA affiliates' behalf, has been ongoing for a number of months now.

More info on industry Windows security software:

Zone Alarm, Symantec, MacAfee: All facilitate Microsoft's NSA-controlled remote admin access via IP/TCP ports 1024 through 1030; ie will allow access without security flag. Unknown whether or not software port forward routing by these same programs will defeat NSA access.

I will continue to provide more info on the above and related topics upon discovery."

Another Reference link h3r3

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