Thursday, 6 December 2007

SSL-Explorer: 1.0.0_RC10 released

SSL-Explorer is a fully-featured, web-based SSL VPN server.
It includes SSL tunneling, intranet website proxying, access to multiple file systems and application launching/tunneling through a standard browser.
SSL-Explorer version 1.0.0_RC10 has been released.
SSL-Explorer is the first open-source, browser based SSL VPN solution. It provides users and businesses alike with a means of securely accessing network resources from outside the network perimeter using only a standard web browser.

The 1.0.0_RC10 release provides a number of important bug fixes to many areas of the system.
SSL Explorer Link h3r3

o Added new report capabilities when a report template is selected the available fields change on screen
o Remove All add All buttons options not available in recorded events selection

o Last page arrow button not working

Brandless Logon
o Brandless Logon displays pad-lock icon when no custom logo specified

o Shutdown time not updated correctly
o Selecting save on server configuration pages despite not amending any values prompts for system restart
o IP address is not accepted as a valid source interfaces
o Importing JKS keystore as SSL-Explorer certificate fails to set webServer.alias property correctly resulting in problems starting/ accessing server.

Enterprise Drives
o Order in extension is incorrect

Extension Manager
o Removed application extensions do not reappear under remote access tab

o Not always closing files after lines have been translated
o Order in extension is incorrect

Network Extension
o Upgraded key.exe to support enumeration of registry keys

PIN Authentication
o Performs check on PIN change permission in error

o User Attributes in web session timeout does not validate

o Order in extension is incorrect

Secure Node
o Node can potentially disconnect without SSL-Explorer noticing
o Cannot display more than 10 nodes on the main page

o Cannot set local interface to

Web Forwards
o Sorting of resources is incorrect
o Replacement proxy Form POSTs using www url form encoded parameters does not work correctly
o Replacement proxy DOT_ALL is enabled preventing all matches being processed

o Date time stamp on files is incorrect

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