Monday, 14 January 2008

Earn Money from Open Source

If you want to earn money/your living from Open Source Support. You can work on SourceForge Market Place, Which is a New Service that SourceForge is releasing.

It is a Kind of Free lance market Place for Open Source Experts.

It is where every project has a support Icon, if any body click on it, he goes to relevant support individuals and you post a project there and accept a bid from some provider.

A Tour of the MarketPlace Service by SourceForge is h3r3 , and click on Take Tour

one of the draw back of SourceForge Market Place that they support payment via PayPal only, so if you country is not supported , you need to find your way in the wild.

This Approach is not new on the Internet as there are some others that give the same service like GetaFreeLancer, GetAcoder and Many others

I prefer and I work on getafreelancer from time to time, and they have the widest payment options.

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