Thursday, 31 January 2008

Egypt Internet Outage

Egypt back to the dark age , with almost no internet access , as a breakdown in an international undersea cable network disrupted Internet links to Egypt, India and Gulf Arab countries on Wednesday, and Egypt said it could take several days for its services to return to normal.

It was not clear what caused the damage to the cable.

There is a general frustration about such an outage, which proves that we do not have reliable ISPs in Egypt, and MCIT (Ministry of communication and Information Technology) is playing it the Egyptian way (which is everything looks pretty from outside, and bull shit inside).

In meanwhile India did not suffer that much, although that this cut should affect 50% of it's internet pipe

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Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

I had a discussion with a Friend that he thinks this Cable cut is a kinda of cyber terrorism directed toward Egypt and Dubai.

Myself don't tend to conspiracy theories, but I felt like it worth mentioning.

Although I asked a Friend of Mine which is an X-ISP Datacenter Manager ( and he told me that he does not believe in this theory and pointed something very simple by telling that Last Year a cable have been cut as well
which again makes me blame Egyptian ISP as private sector and For sure MCIT(Ministry of Communication and Information Technology) and NTRA (National Telecommunication and Regulation Authority) for not taking care of the issue of internet to Egypt as I consider it EGYPTIAN National Security Issue.

Again, please know that Internet is not a luxury and it is very importnat for Egypt as country and Egyptians as well.

my Call to the Egyptians now is PLEASE STOP DOWNLOADING MOVIES or MUSIC and act responsibly to save our bandwidth consumption as much we can so business can survive with this very limited bandwidth

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine

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