Saturday, 29 March 2008

ASUS EEE-PC SDK and Open Source

ASUS released an SDK and Tutorials for EEE-PC and EEE Desktop as an Open Source Project.

Interestingly, the SDK's guide documentation refers not only to the Eee but also to the EP20, Asus' compact, Linux-running desktop widely seen as the anticipated desktop Eee, also known as the E-DT.

The SDK supports coding in the C and C++ languages, and the bundled guide takes novice coders through designing dialogs, writing code to underpin then and creating an icon to go with it. There's a reference for key API routines, and advice on packaging the completed app up for distribution.

The SDK is availble from SourceForge website.

the Project is trying to form EEE-PC community and sponsored by ASUS as written in the project page on SourceForge.

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