Sunday, 16 March 2008

First Day Idlelo 3

WOW, everything is superb so far. Organization is very good, and they are taking care abut every one of us. Even Interpretation is there from English to French an vice versa.

big names are there
1) Google
2) IBM
3) HP

and we are all trying to raise awareness on FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) and all of us with all the differences and cultures having the same problems, the Media machine is not giving us the chance, and the proprietary software enterprises are doing the best they can to fight FOSS cuz it is a great danger to their money stream.

Ubuntu Straps are provided by me, so people can use it and actually i found ppl sticking it to their bags and laptops. Although that Nenna Comment that on how Ubuntu is not here and attending Idlelo 3, although that Ubuntu came out of Africa is a valid question that I wish to find an answer to (Actually I will send to my canonical friends asking them about that)

I asked Google presented by Zaheda about Google Summer code and how/why it is not popular in Africa (she replied that is it right Google Summer Code almost has no contributors from Africa and she said that it is still a new program and Google will work harder to have participant from Africa)

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