Saturday, 1 March 2008

How to Downgrade IPOD Touch Firmware

This post descries how to downgrade your Ipod Touch (ITouch) Firmware.
This post shows you how to downgrade Ipod Touch (ITouch) from 1.1.4 Firmware to 1.1.1, or from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1.
If you ask why we need to perform this downgrade, the answer will be to be able to Jailbreak your Ipod Touch (ITouch). This post works for all Ipod Touc (ITouch) 8GB, 16GB, New 16Gb with two nand chips.

Files Needed
1) Download the Firmware 1.1.1 from h3r3
2) Download AutoDown from h3r3
If you ask why you need we need "AutoDown", because without it ITunes will refuse to downgrade the IPOD Touch (ITouch) that goes to 8GB,16GB.
3) ITunes from Apple site.

Steps to do the downgrade
1) Run AutoDown, by clicking the down.bat file
2) Run ITunes , and click SHIFT+RESOTRE
3) This will open File Borwse window, please point to the downloaded Fimrware at step (1)
4) ITunes will downgrade your IPOD

No we have an IPOD Touch 8g,16GB with Firmware 1.1.1

now to Jail Break your IPOD Touch(ITouch) please use enable WIFI on IPOD and point to browser to jailbreakme link h3r3

This Will automatically Jailbreak your IPOD Touch (ITouch) whether it is 8GB,16GB or whatever firmware it has (1.1.2,1.1.3 or 1.1.4)

I was lost in the false ipod touch posts and Tubes over the internet and the only one that provided a working howto was here

Stay Tuned, as I will post video and some other things regarding the neat toy which is called ITouch.

Please when this post work for you,just drop me a small comment to know from you guys. Thanks


Bryan Waters said...

Thanks for the link...i had a heck of a time finding a working how to as well which is why i ended up posting a new link to do the upgrade to 1.1.3 while still jailbroken.

working on 1.1.4 now. ;)

Talk to you soon!

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

Oh, Bryan
Thank you for your visit and the update, Please keep us posted.
I will try it today and let you nkow

Two City Girls said...

Man, you're my hero! Mucho thanks, amigo!


B said...

Super - this works for me on my new 16Gb with two nand chips.

Now I'm on 1.1.1 - how do I upgrade?


Two City Girls said...

Okay... now there's a problem. I can't install appsnapp, or installer. I mean, when I try to do it, safari shuts off and I find myself at the desktop. A lot of people seem to have this problem nowa days, and I still don't know if there's any solution.


Daniel said...


This is what I've heard: to run, your Wi-Fi can not be using a proxy ie Wi-fi Proxy Settings: Off. Also, often it doesn't work first time, infact it's taken some people hours even days for AppSnapp to install.

this url sums up the AppSnapp problem well:

Btw, Samer Azmy, thanks alot! Only your method has allowed me to downgrade from 1.1.4 to 1.1.1!


Alex said...

Hey Guys, the link to Autodown doesn´t work, is there another link?
Thanks for your help :)

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

Alex and every1
I updated the link to on rapidshare
Please try now and let me know
good luck

rik said...

when i click the down.bat it asks what application to open with. Is this windows only?


Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

yes it is windows only

Two City Girls said...

Hey guys, I was wondering, is there a way to install AppSnapp on iPod Touch using your computer only? Without wifi, I mean. Is there a way to do it on Windows. Actually, what I need precisely is Books on my iPod (I'm a huge gross book worm), 'cause thanks to iTunes, I lost Books along with everything else when it updated to 1.1.4.



Daniel said...


I tried using a method of AppSnapp onto the iTouch without wifi, but it was terrible and actually ended up needing wifi to do one of the steps. Basically, you need wifi to do this.


Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

Thank you for posting back your experience.
I'm collecting list of Itouch Source repos
will love to see you contributing to it

Two City Girls said...

Okay, it's me again. I'm posting like a fourth comment here already, but this is freaking hilarious! I'm, like, the unluckiest iTouch user ever!

All I really needed was to have Books app on my iTouch, 'cause that'd be the source of my iHappiness. First, when I had a 1.1.1. firmware, I downloaded Installer and Books, but I couldn't use it, because nothing just recognized my iPod (no Anapod, no WinSCP, nothing), so I couldn't upload texts.

Finally, I found a thing called TouchCopy, and it allowed me to upload all my ebooks onto iTouch. I was happy for a day. Then I updated iTunes... Of course, it all got deleted.

And now, finally, when I was able to use your method and downgrade the firmware, I *did* manage to get the Installer eventually, BUT there's no Books! More than a half of Installer apps are missing! Oh my freaking God, is it just my luck, or Karma!?

Aly ;D

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

two city girls,
im happy to u posting again and again.
would u please contact me on my gmail so we can IM ech others and work on ur issues.
my gmail is as my name

baseball kid said...

ok, I'm actualy on my iPod touch now. I have been trying to find a way to either downgrade to a 1.1.1 or jailbreak directly from 1.1.4 . But I have a mac and not windows to jailbreak my iPod strait from 1.1.4 . Any help?

Daniel said...

@baseball kid
try this link, and read the MAC section (PART A for MAC)

Good luck!

bob said...

hey, i just wanted to say thanks :P

ive been trying to downgrade for a while now with an unknown error...
and the down.bat fixed

bob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Two City Girls said...

@ Samer.azmy

Hey. Thanks for your help, and for the offer of more help. Fortunately, everything's okay now.

I went to find another wifi spot, where I was able to just sit and give some attention to my iTouch problems. It turned out that, for some reason, after I installed 1.1.1 firmware on my downgraded iPod, it had very little sources. I dunno why.

Anyways, I had to add them one by one manually, but, eventually, I had what I needed. So, thanks, but right now (knock on wood) things are looking up. Though, there's no way I'm upgrading anything ever again without being 99% sure it won't make me want to kill iTunes/Apple afterwards.

Thanks again!


Alex said...

So how can we upgrade back while still jailbroken?

Zain said...

hi guyz i need some help post ASAP, i clicked restore and i used the firmware, now my ipod touch shows the picture of the cable toward the itunes symboly, need HELP,can't turn it off, nothing

Daniel said...

To go beyond 1.1.1 jailbreaking, you should follow this tutorial. It works very well!

Did you follow the tutorial 100% correctly? Once you Restore the iPod, you have to reformat it when the iTouch reconnects to your computer. I must stress that you format the iTouch as a new iPod and not a backup of your old one. Also make sure that it doesn't sync music or anything else as this has sometimes lead to the iTouch keyboard freezing.

Good luck!

Andizzle said...

I did everything it said and i still cant do it. i downloaded the autodown. i stopped ituneshelper from running and then i ran itunes, plugged in my itouch and pressed shift and restored with the first download and it extracts the files but then it says error and my ipod is left with a itunes and usb cable thing . what am i doing wrong

Daniel said...


would you mind posting the exact error, because just saying that an error popped up isn't quite descriptive enough. thanks =)

A friend of mine tried to do the AutoDown process, but it would seem that the new upload of AutoDown is corrupt/broken and doesn't work. Might go check it out now.

Daniel said...

AutoDown seems fine. Must've been my friends computer.

@Samer Azmy.
the sources i use are the installer standard ones, for the 1.1.3 January Update apps, - their repo and the Community Sources app which adds plenty of decent sources.

When I get my Touch set up (the jailbreak to 1.1.3 reset my iPod so I lost all my sources) I'll post a list of my favourite sources.

Stephen said...

hey um im not sure whether i open down.bat nd then restore right at the start or continue half way nd then restore as it keeps messing up nd giving me the unknown error cheers

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

you need to complete down.bat and afterward you will be able to downgrade from Itune
keep me posted, if you needed anything

Lyss said...


Guys, I was wondering if I can upgrade to 1.1.3 after I downgraded to 1.1.1 and jailbroken my iTouch. I finally have books, and chats, and other stuff there, but I don't know if it'll stay there after I upgrade to (at least) 1.1.3


Rob said...

I succesfully downgraded 1.1.4 to 1.1.1 but everytime on my itouch i try to dowload appsnap it runs for a minute or soo then closes safari without properly downloading.
whats wrong?

Daniel // +|230 said...

Either the server is having problems or your wifi is using a proxy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sooooooooo much every outh guide just left my ipod crashed

teck said...

Hi, i followed every instruction on downgrading my 8gb ipod touch but an error occur while restoring it.
It says "the ipod ipod could not be restored. An unknown error occured (020)"
What could be wrong?

Lyssa Alex said...

Hey, guys, it's been ages since I installed 1.1.1 firmware, and I still have it on my itouch. Can I use AutoDown to upgrade my Firmware instead of downgrading it and then install the Installer on iTouch, and if yes, which firmware version is acceptable for it? Can you install the Installer to other firmwares besides 1.1.1?


Joshua said...

does this work with iPod touch 2g?
plz answer

Joshua said...

does this work with iPod touch 2g?
plz answer

Daniel // +|230 said...


I couldn't say exactly because I don't have a 2G iPod Touch (Not yet anyway :D). There's no harm in trying since if it stuffs up you can just restore the 2.x firmware.

Good luck!

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

It should work, try nothing to lose

hemikid43 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hemikid43 said...

will this work with firmware version 2.2.1

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

Yes, it should work

danny said...

My ipod keeps getting stuck at the ipod to computer screen on the ipod and wont go away till i restore. I cant donwgrade the the ipod. Ca anyone help please. Email me at PLEASE!

Saskia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saskia said...

it sais the website has been shut down.
what do i do?
is tehre annother website?

{Mariah} said...

hi do u know how to downgrade 3.1.3 to 3.1.2É please i rlly need help!

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

Follow the steps up there, but for the desired firmware file
good luck

Anonymous said...

help please. i have ipod touch 3g 32gb 3.1.3 firmware and want to downgrade to 3.1.2. when i run autodown i do as it says and then itunes comes up and still says 'itunes cannot restore to the desired firmware, unknown error occured' please help. am using itunes 9.1.

Anonymous said...

The autodown link is full I guess too many people are trying to download. Is there another link?

gretz4all said...

gretz post :)

anthony said...

It didn't work.
at all.
now i lost all of my songs.
all of my apps.
about $20 worth of shit only on my ipod.
thanks, man.
thanks a ton.

willam said...

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George said...

Yeah, unfortunately this no longer works for the iPod Touch 4G. I've been trying to downgrade it to 4.1 all day, nothing works anymore. I always get error 3194. Even after editing the hosts file.

If anyone can prove me wrong, please do, and if anyone would like to personally help me with this, I'd sure appreciate it.

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