Friday, 14 March 2008

Idlelo 3 - Foss Africa Conference -

I'm flying tomorrow (15 March 2008) to attend Idlelo 3 , which is organized by Free Software and Open Source Foundation of Africa (FOSSFA).

The Nguni translation of 'Idlelo' means "common grazing ground".

I have found the organizers are doing great job to arrange everything, they are very prompt, sent all accommodation details early and everything is in perfect shape (thank you guys specially Nnenna,yaou are very fast, very friendly and work around the clock)

The theme in Idlelo 3 is “Making the Knowledge Economy Work for Africa”. The Idlelo 3 Conference will bring together participants’ representative of governments, businesses and civil society organisations for three days of intense discussions about the state of the knowledge economy in Africa.

My presentation in Idlelo 3 discuss what I Called FOSSy Security , or in other words Security using Open Source building blocks/project. We will discuss several solution that an SME/NGO/Organization may use starting from Firewall,Cach,Antivirus.VPN , and Penetration Testing. We will discuss Open Source UTM Solution that can bundle all security services in one solution.

There are several track in Idlelo 3, it start from Semantic Web,Bind,BSD,Security.

I will report back everything I learn/find there , so stay tuned.
Links to the conference pages is h3r3
another link is h3r3

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