Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Australian Open Source Industry & Community Report

As the Title says, it is "The Australian Open Source Industry & Community Report" it is a good report not lengthly written.

Download link of the whole report is at the button

Summary Points:

In our interaction with business, government, education and the Open
Source industry, we have found a sharp disconnect between the
perceptions held by the market, and the reality of Open Source in

We knew that our country has produced some of the world's most
influential Open Source innovators and projects. We knew that clever,
home-grown Open Source companies were succeeding in local and export

But we didn't have the numbers. Until now.

The Australian Open Source Industry & Community Report delivers those
numbers, to encourage an informed conversation about the potential for
Open Source in Australia.

Our conservative projection of earnings suggests that the Open Source
industry generates $500 million in revenue each year, with over 50% of
that being directly related to Open Source.

The Australian Open Source community is more diverse than the
stereotypical young, single, student programmer.

|Education & Skills|
The most valuable Open Source skills are forged outside the classroom,
in the hands-on lessons of open, collaborative development and
practical, commercial experience. The industry and community are very
much aware of this, but most of our formal educational institutions
have some homework to do.

|Careers & Employment|
Community respondents are mostly full-time employed ICT professionals,
many of whom found Open Source work and skills through their
participation in the community... However, some are not involved in
ICT at all.

The Australian industry and community constitutes a powerhouse of
innovation and Open Source world leadership.

|The Market|
The Australian market for Open Source is very strong in both the
private and public sectors, and rapidly growing.

|Business Development|
Open Source solutions and innovation provide numerous business
development and export opportunities for Australia and our ICT sector,
but more must be done to harness our existing skills base and

Industry and community respondents were asked, "What do you feel are
the major impediments facing increased adoption of Open Source in
Australia?" Their answers focused on market knowledge and perception,
leadership of industry and government, and Australia's relatively slow
adoption of new ICT solutions.

Report download Link is h3r3


Oshawa Energy Conservation Fair said...

What a small world

I used this study in my slideshow yesterday at the IT360 event

I know both Pia and Jeff and they are a dynamic duo

This is what is needed in Africa

Lets chat


Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

Glenn Mcknight on my Blog , that is a great honour for me.
May be it is a small world for some1 like you, who holds the World in his hands with his knowledge and network
I'd love to chat with you , you have my gmail.
Again, you presentation on Web Standards for Disabled ppl is one of the best

Thank you again

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