Saturday, 24 May 2008

FOSS Workshop in Libya and Me

Again, I'm a guest speaker in FOSS event, I'm flying tomorrow night to Libya as per invitation from COMESA and UNDP Libya to :

1) Give a presentation on Security Using FOSS Projects.
2) Act as a supporter for three other subjects in the same workshop
3) Giving hands on Experience for the Security Project that I will address in point number (1)

All at a sudden I found myself a "High Profile Speaker" - Although I think I'm just a normal but passionate speaker about Open Source/FOSS and Security In General. That was After the Success the Security Presentation I gave in Idlelo 3 - Annual FOSS event that usualy sponsored by big Names Like Google,IBM,AUF .....

I will update you from there how things are going in Libya.


Malick said...

Yo KTC :-)
What happens in Libya? we are still waiting for you to keep us informed of workshops.


Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

I'm so happy that you read my blog and interested to know the details of the workshop.
I did not sleep for the past days due to travel and work.
I will write it over the weekend
Take care and looking forward to see you soon

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