Thursday, 1 May 2008

Where to find Camera Accessories in Egypt ?

If you live in Egypt, you will face problems to purchase Camera Accessories like Camera Lens, Camera Filters, Camera Batteries and Chargers.

I made some research to find good suppliers in Egypt for Camera and Digital Camera Accessories, I have found two major stores (major here does not mean big as much as have the stuff that we seek for our Cameras)
First Store
1) Lucky Sotres
Mr. Adel - I think he is the owner is very honest man, and he loves what he does, so no worries about getting ripped off)
Contacts : 11 Cherif St., Tel : 4929136 , 3923697

Second Store
2) El Shennawi for Photo
They are honest as well,
Contacts : 31 Degla St. from Shehab el mohandeseen. Tel : 3369136, 7627136

I made this post to help whoever may have the same interest and lost in Egypt to start from where I have finished

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Mohammad Abou-Basha said...

thanks for the useful info

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