Wednesday, 18 June 2008

FireFox Number of Downloads in Africa,Reflects FOSS Penetration

Since it was the Day of FireFox download, and Since we presented a URL that shows number of Downloads per each country. I see that number of downloads is a kinda of reflection of FOSS awareness , I will give a close look to Africa - Since I'm African -.

Zero Download Countries (I will consider those are less FOSS Aware)
1) Chad : Zero
2) Somalia : Zero
3) Western Sahara : Zero
4) Buinea -Bissau : Zero
5) Guinea : Zero
6) Central Africa Republic : Zero
7) Eritera : 1
8) Niger : 1
9) Guinea
10) Lesotho

FOSSFA we have lots to be done in Africa

Biggest Number is in South Africa for SUREEEEEEEE
Egypt and Morocco are equal in number 1870 Downloads

Ref URL :
Link is h3r3

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