Thursday, 12 June 2008

OrangeHRM version 2.3 Released

OrangeHRM is an Open Source HR Information Systems(HRIS) that covers Personnel Information Management, Employee Self Service, Leave, Time & Attendance, and Benefits. Recruitment, and Performance Appraisal are in development.

New version - a result of OrangeHRM and its user community collaboration - brings in the introduction of the comprehensive Benefit Module

OrangeHRM, a leading provider of open-source HR Management solution for small and medium sized enterprises worldwide, has announced the launch of version 2.3 of their human resource information system (HRIS). Introduction of the Benefit Module which comprises of the comprehensive Health Saving Plans, according to the feedback, received from user community side, were the main focus of the release.

Features in the new application include

Health Saving Plans

1.Define HSP

OrangeHRM has given a wider option for the organizations to select their Health Saving Plans out of the 6 options been specified. These can be listed as HSA,HRA,FSA,HSA+HRA,HSA+FSA,HRA+FSA. All these options are based on the level of contribution by the employee and the employer.

2.Employee HSP Summary

This lists out all the records of a particular employee with regards to his HSP.This lists out the annual limit,the employer and the employee contributions,the accrued amount and the current status of the HSP.

3.HSP Payments Due

This is the place where the HR admin can go and check the due HSP payments due for the employees.

4.HSP Expenditure

This displays all the used HSP payments as well as the due HSP payments of a particular employee.This list provides a clear idea of the current status of the overall HSP system in the organization

5.HSP Request

This provides a request form for the employees to apply for the HSP in a particular year. Certain fields in this form are set inactive in the case of the ESS users and being made active for the HR admin only,when approving the HSP requests.

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