Thursday, 26 June 2008

You say Google Andriod, I reply Ubuntu MID

Canonical Ltd. has quietly launched a full "developers release" of Ubuntu 8.04 ("Hardy Heron") for MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices). Desktop and embedded Linux developers can now begin porting applications to the platform, which will be pre-installed on MIDs by OEMs.

Ubuntu MID Edition is based on the Canonical-sponsored Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded (UME) community project, in cooperation with the Intel sponsored project.

Ubuntu MID Edition is also a modified version Ubuntu Desktop Edition 8.04(Hardy Haron) , Optimized Specially for handheld MID devices.

The free, open-source Ubuntu MID Edition offers modifications for displaying on smaller 4- to 6-inch MID displays and for making applications "finger friendly for touch screens,"

Ubuntu MID will be pre-installed on MIDs by their manufacturers, who will typically add drivers and new applications, or even modify the user interface. Users will be able to download and install additional applications developed by the UME community and Meanwhile, developers are invited to port Ubuntu Desktop Edition applications to UME, and they are encouraged to share their work with the communities.

There are two installable images, and one runnable KVM image.

Probably the easiest way experience Ubuntu MID Edition is through the KVM image. This a great way to become familiar with the product in readiness for the hardware to be released in the near future by a range of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in most markets.

One for the McCaslin platform targeting a Samsung Q1U. The Q1 was used as a development platform while we were waiting for Menlow hardware to become more widely available.

One is for the Menlow platform (Intel(R) Atom Processor) built for the Intel Crown Beach development station. It should be noted that this is not for direct install on any OEM device. While it can be adapted for Menlow platforms, this requires substantial modifications and is not recommended for end users. If you flash this to an OEM device it’s likely it would not boot.

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