Thursday, 3 July 2008

Open Source Router from NetGear

The open-source community is booming as always. Hardware manufacturers have seen the potential for growth and profit in releasing products that can be tweaked by the coders among us, and they seem to be committed to releasing more and more as time goes on

NETGEAR has announced their new WGR614L model router. Why buy a router without functions and create them yourself when you can buy one that has all of those features built-in? The honest answer is that you’re a geek. The answer those geeks would give you is that they can do it better than NETGEAR can.

The router does have a good base to work with, including a 240 MHz MIPS32® CPU core with 16 KB of instruction cache, 16 KB of data cache, 1 KB of pre-fetch cache, and incorporates 4 MB of flash memory and 16 MB of RAM. In addition to an external 2 dBi antenna, the WGR614L integrates a second internal diversity antenna to provide enhanced performance and range. The router supports free open source Linux®-based Tomato and DD-WRT firmware and will soon support OpenWRT.

The router also has support from, which is a site dedicated to providing help to would-be programmers on how to use their new, open router. They even have downloadable firmware already available.

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