Sunday, 10 August 2008

APNG Starts

APNG (Asia Pacific Network Group) 10th Camp - Although I see it more as an international conference not a camp style in anyway.
the premises is very good in five stars building,very fast WIFI in the looby, Rooms has Network outlets.

Tomorrow is the opening of the gathering there are many stars around
1) Dr. Vinton Gray - well known as "The Father of the internet" and currently he is the Vice president and Chief Internet Evangelist in Google. Link to his page on WikiPedia is h3r3

2) Dr. Kilam Chon is a professor in Computer Science Department of Korea Advanced Institute with Awards like World Technology Award,Presidential Award.

And many other Computer Science stars

The conference will start tomorrow, and my presentation is on the opening day tomorrow as well. It is again about Open Source usage in security or in other words how to secure your network using Open source projects/softwares.

Conference is held in AIT/Thailand (Asia Institute of Technology), AIT is very huge and I see it built on European style , in how it is arranged , in the green areas , the PC-Clinic which reminds me with Kent-PC Clinic "which i worked in for a while while I was in the university".

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