Friday, 15 August 2008

Egypt Joins Live E

Live-E is an information system on Earth Enviroment , Weather Sensors are installed all over Aisa and Egypt is to join this network by a Weather Sensor that I will connect in Cairo/Egypt and will help with my connections in rest of Africa to have more and more sensors and data on Weather change in Africa. This will be the first node to get connected in Africa - For sure All data will be shared with everybody -.

The Weather Sensor Picture is below is a one wire device that connects to a wireless Access point which runs OpenWRT and has some simple scripts that collects data from the Weather sensor every minute in a cron job , and send it to a centralized server in Japan (We discussed building a Server in Africa with the servers in Asia/Japan)

Another Method in Running Live E and DAta gathering is based on P2P protocols using PIAX link is h3r3

PIAX is an open source framework to develop P2P applications. It integrates mobile agent based messagings and P2P discovery mechanisms transparently. This integration enables flexible, effective, and easy remote messagings. As a P2P framework, it supports multiple overlays. Currently, DHT, SkipGraph, LL-Net are supported. Application layer multicasts are also supported.

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