Monday, 11 August 2008

GetDeb Announces PlayBuntu

For Gamers, Now on Linux they have a way to maintain easy gaming experience as announced a leading provider of new and updated programs for Ubuntu is announcing the start of a gaming repository for Ubuntu. The repository (codenamed "Playbuntu") will provide all games available on in an easy to use repository format - enabling you to receive updates for your favourite game via the Update Manager tool. Additonally, if a game has several packages, installing them is quite easy as it'll be automatically handled.

While work on the repository is still just beginning, you can obtain new and updated games from here.

However they need our help as comunity your in making this a reality. If you're able to provide a mirror, or would like to help us package - contact them. Otherwise, please consider making a donation - the money will be spent in purchasing mirrors, so we have enough bandwidth and acceptable speeds for this.

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