Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Japan is hitting IPv6 seriously

I enjoyed a presentation today by Prof. Hiroshi Esaki from Tokyo University.
He spoke bout deploying IPv6 in Japan. and how international bandwidth in Japan is increasing exponentially due to Video sites like Youtube and P2P traffic.

I have sensed -if I' not mistaken- that Prof. Hiroshi Esaki is with internet Nuetrality and againest blocking certain traffic.

In his reply to my question interoperability between IPv4 and IPv6, they will work as two different clouds and ISPs and carriers should deploy the converters in the entry point of datacenters and so on, But he stressed that the challenge is the security of this conversion between the two networks

and another question from me on how AAA DNS query increased dramatically in the past year in Japan although those computers are not using IPv6 yet.
his reply is that due to the fact the Windows VISTA and MAC OS/X has native support for IPv6 and that the mentioned operating systems do query AAAA dns now although that no legtimate replies.
He mentioned as well that American and Japanese Hardware manufacturing are the most IPv6 ready, and that is Google started deplying IPv6 because they know that it is business continuity issue.

One of the interesting things that I have learnt during his presentation that Japan Helped China in deploying Lights/Facilities Management in Beijing Olympics 2008 which is around 1.8Km by 2.4Km with over than 100K sensor that is using IPv6 , which is considered the first implementation of IPv6 in facility management.

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