Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Election of Maemo Community Starts

Maemo Community Council election is started and the Election is processed via e-voting mechanism, the mail of the announcement is below

The election of the inaugural Maemo Community Council is now open. Voting will run from September 3rd (today) until September 10th 2008, 23:59. As a member of the Maemo community, you are elligible to vote in this election.

To vote, please go to and follow the instructions there.

When instructed to do so, enter the following details:

Vote token:

The election has 4 steps - first, you must identify yourself using the voting token above. Then select your preferred candidate. A third step will show you your choice, and ask you to confirm. Finally, after confirming your choice, a unique identifier will be given to you which will allow you to verify after the election that your vote was counted correctly. To ensure anonymity, no link will be kept between this token and your identifiers, so please keep this token safe. Once you have voted, you will not be able to vote again.

Thank you for your vote!

Dave Neary, on behalf of the Maemo community.

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