Monday, 22 September 2008

Netbook, what is Netbook ?

The term netbook was re-introduced by Intel in February 2008 to describe a category of small-sized, low-cost, light weight, lean function subnotebooks optimized for Internet access and core computing functions (e.g., word processing) — either directly from applications installed on the netbook itself or indirectly, via cloud computing. More than 50 million Netbooks are expected to be in widespread circulation by 2011. Netbooks (or sub-notebooks as they may be known) typically come with an 7-inch to 10-inch screen.

Netbooks are "small laptops that are designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet. And they cost about $250, making Netbooks a potentially disruptive and high volume market segment. Even though Netbooks won’t be confused with full-featured laptops, my hunch is that tons of people around the world will be attracted to a low-cost machine that plugs them in. The Netbook will expand the global PC market. By how much is a matter of conjecture."

Similarly to netbook, the term nettop refers to similarly low-cost, lean-function, desktop devices. Both netbook and nettop platforms combine a lean operating system (e.g., Linux) with a low voltage, power-optimized processor such as the Intel Atom, the VIA C7 or the AMD Geode. - I tested AMD Geode and VIA C7 , and I always like the VIA one more , but power/heat consumption of the AMD Geode is much less.

The term netbook was originally introduced by Psion in 1999 as a generic term for small form-factor portable computers with a laptop like clamshell design and sufficent processing power for office, internet and web work. The Psion Netbook was a small line of netbooks which ran a custom version of Psions Epoc Operating System and later WinCE. Psion Netbooks never gained significant market share and their production was discontinued.

Some of the recent Netbooks these days are
0) OLPC from MIT Media Lab
1) EEEPC from Asus
2) NB100 from Toshiba
3) NC10from Samsung


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