Thursday, 16 October 2008

Touchscreen desktop ASUS Eee on November

Touchscreen ASUS EEE is due on Novebmer, it has very sleek design.

Behind the screen sit all the usual Small, Cheap Computer components: 1.6GHz Atom CPU, Intel 945GSE integrated chipset and 1GB of 667MHz DDR memory. This model comes with a 160GB 3Gb/s SATA hard drive on which Windows XP is pre-installed!!!!!!.

The Eee has on-board 802.11n Wi-FI and Gigabit Ethernet. there are six USB ports - two on the side, four at the back - audio socketry and a multi-format memory card reader. Despite the touchscreen, the Eee comes with a mouse. A keyboard is bundled too.

it is for around £400 , WOW you can place your order now h3r3

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