Thursday, 11 December 2008

Geek2live participation in ICT(at)Innovation Initiative

Geek2live participation in ICT@Innovation Initiative

Inwent (Capacity Building International, Germany) posted a recognition page for all the participants in ICT2Innovation site, which includes myself.

Thankx to Inwent guys and to ICT@Innovations team
link is h3r3

FOSSFA partners with InWEnt to implement the ict@innovation programme. FOSSFA is the premier African FOSS organization. The vision of FOSSFA is to promote the use of FOSS and the FOSS model in African development, and the organization supports the integration of FOSS in national policies. FOSSFA also coordinates, promotes, and adds value to African FOSS initiatives, creativity, industry, expertise, efforts and activities at all levels.
To become a FOSSFA member, please fill the FOSSFA Membership Application .
FOSSFA members contribute to the ict@innovation programme in various functions:
* The ict@innovation Africa coordinator George Nyambuya is staff member of FOSSFA, placed at the InWEnt South Africa office in Pretoria.
* James Wire Lunghabo is the main contact person for ict@innovation at the FOSSFA executive level and member of the ict@innovation steering committee. Apart from his FOSS advocacy activities with FOSSFA, James runs his FOSS-based IT business Linux Solutions in Kampala/Uganda.
* Nnenna Nwakanma, chair of the FOSSFA council, is member of the ict@innovation Advisory Board. Apart from actively driving FOSSFA activities since the founding of the organization, she is independent consultant and plays a leading role in the Open Source Initiative as well as the Digital Solidarity Fund.
* Milton Aineruhanga (FOSSFA member + Wougnet Uganda) has participated in recruitment activities for the programme.
* Christian Roland (CHALA, Cote d'Ivoire), Edward Yeboah (AITI-KACE, Ghana), and Samer Azmy (Egypt) have supported the development of the ict@innovation website. "

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