Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Shorewall 4.2.4‏ Released with IPv6 Support

Linux based Firewall that Support IPv6. Shorewall Team just announced the release of Shorewall 4.2.4
Which support IPv6 on any standard Linux based system.

Shorewall Website is h3r3
Announcement is below"

The Shorewall Team is pleased to announce the release of Shorewall 4.2.4
including IPv6 support.

Minimun system requirements for taking advantage of IPv6 support:

- Kernel 2.6.25 or later.
- iptables 1.4.0 or later with 1.4.1 strongly recommended.
- Perl 5.10 if you wish to use DNS names in your IPv6 config files.
In that case you will also have to install Perl Socket6 support.

Two new packages are included:

a) Shorewall6 - analagous to Shorewall-common but handles IPv6
rather than IPv4.

b) Shorewall6-lite - analagous to Shorewall-lite but handles IPv6
rather than IPv4.

The packages store their configurations in /etc/shorewall6/ and
/etc/shorewall6-lite/ respectively.

The fact that the packages are separate from their IPv4 counterparts
means that you control IPv4 and IPv6 traffic separately (the same
way that Netfilter does). Starting/Stopping the firewall for one
address family has no effect on the other address family.

For additional information, see

Other features of Shorewall6 are:

a) There is no NAT of any kind (most people see this as a giant step
forward). When an ISP assigns you a public IPv6 address, you are
actually assigned an IPv6 'prefix' which is like an IPv4
subnet. A 64-bit prefix allows 4 billion squared individual hosts
(the size of the current IPv4 address space squared).

b) The default zone type is ipv6.

c) The currently-supported interface options in Shorewall6 are:

nosmurfs (traps multicast and Subnet-router anycast addresses
used as the packet source address).
forward (setting it to 0 makes the router behave like a host
on that interface rather than like a router).

d) The currently-supported host options in Shorewall6 are:


e) Traffic Shaping is disabled by default. The tcdevices and
tcclasses files are address-family independent so
to use the Shorewall builtin Traffic Shaper, TC_ENABLED=Internal
should be specified in Shorewall or in Shorewall6 but not in
both. In the configuration where the internal traffic shaper is
not enabled, CLEAR_TC=No should be specified.

tcfilters are not available in Shorewall6.

f) When both an interface and an address or address list need to
be specified in a rule, the address or list must be enclosed in
angle brackets. Example:

ACCEPT net:eth0:<2001:19f0:feee::dead:beef:cafe> dmz

Note that this includes MAC addresses as well as IPv6 addresses.

The HOSTS column in /etc/shorewall6/hosts also uses this

chat6 eth0:<2001:19f0:feee::dead:beef:cafe>

Even when an interface is not specified, it is permitted to
enclose addresses in <> to improve readability. Example:

ACCEPT net:<2001:1::1> $FW

g) The options available in shorewall6.conf are a subset of those
available in shorewall.conf.

h) The Perl module is required if you include DNS names
in your Shorewall6 configuration. Note that it is loaded the
first time that a DNS name is encountered so if it is missing,
you get a message similar to this one:

Checking /etc/shorewall6/rules...
Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: /root ...

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