Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Yahoo releases a service like Google Analytics

Now is my first time to know that Yahoo has a service similar to Google Analytics ?!!! the difference I can see so far that Yahoo! Analytics gives real time traffic tracking of your website.

Yahoo! Web Analytics will be made available to a wide range of Yahoo!'s customers, partners, developers and advertisers in stages throughout the rest of 2008 and into 2009. that is another difference I see from Google Analytics as you can use Google Analytics even if you are not part of Adsense Network but Yahoo! restrict your Access to Yahoo! analytics only to their Customer, Advertisers.

Yahoo Web Analytics could be found h3r3

As per Yahoo! , Web Analytics enables us to view, in near real-time, the experiences of visitors to your website. With Yahoo! Web Analytics you can understand how visitors come to your site, what they do while there, how many convert from visitors to customers, and why some of them don't.

Yahoo! Web Analytics helps you identify the ads, campaigns, keywords and referrals that contribute the most to your bottom line. It helps you understand what pages, content and products perform better than others, thereby helping you better design your site. And by providing extremely valuable insights into how your visitors and customers experience your website, Yahoo! Web Analytics can help you to market your site better, increase visitor engagement, convert more visitors into customers, and transform existing customers into die-hard fans.
Some Other features that Yahoo! claims it is unique to them are:
  1. The Value of Real-time Data: While some analytics products provide data 24-48 hours after collection, Yahoo! Web Analytics reflects data within minutes of collection. In other words, with Yahoo! Web Analytics, you can practically see in real-time what your website users are experiencing. This is extremely powerful compared to seeing what users did 2 days ago. With Yahoo! Web Analytics near real-time data you can:

    • See how new ad campaigns are performing in order to quickly make changes and optimize your budget
    • Identify usability issues if top performing pages suddenly see a dip in key performance metrics, or new pages under-perform
    • Quickly assess performance of new website content or products to maximize your yield
  2. The Power of Raw Data: While some products store aggregated data, which restricts the usefulness of the data to pre-created or canned reports, Yahoo! Web Analytics stores data in non-aggregated raw form. This means that you can ask a variety of new questions and create new kinds of reports to answer questions using both current and historical data. In other words, Yahoo! Web Analytics is not a simple aggregated data reporting tool, it is a powerful data analysis tool.

  3. Ease-of-Use and Flexibility: Yahoo! Web Analytics enables easier analysis of website data by allowing you to filter and segment data using intuitive drag-and-drop features, to quickly build reports with simple custom report wizards, and to create ad hoc scenarios to answer your specific business questions as they arise.

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