Sunday, 22 March 2009

How to save 20MB on your Nokia N810 internal Flash ?

To save percious 20MB on the internal Flash of your Nokia N810, Nokia N800(Maemo Operating System) for installation applications and even more, I copied certain files and directories to my External 8GB Memory Card.
The folders that you can move and don't break the boot of your Nokia N800, N810 (Maemo Based) platform are listed
1) /backups
2) /mail
3) /opt
4) cache/apt
6) /usr/games
7) /opt
8) /home/user/MyDocs
9) Please notice that there are alot of hidden files/folders in your home directory , if you move them that will break the GUI

You can delete un-needed language files on /usr/share/locale

Files that if you MOVE WILL BREAK YOUR BOOT are

You may ask why moving certain folders/files on Maemo platform will break your boot, because simply it does not mount the external flash on the boot sequence

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE : you need to format you memory card as ext2 fileystem to be able to preserve file permissions as the default file system of those cards are vfat


ChiaOwl said...

New to this whole N810 thing...I get most of it, but how to format the miniSD card? Could you direct me please?

Just got my N810, have already seen every video online, now searching blogs - that's how I found yours...


Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

Hello ChiaOwl,
Thankx for reading my blog, you can format the memory card easily if you use a card reader and plug it to a Ubuntu or any linux computer and format it. If you dont have , I will post the steps on how to format it.
P.S. there are steps on the Maemo Wiki

ChiaOwl said...

Thanks :). Don't have a linux computer at the moment but we have an older laptop that my husband plans to use as one. Will also check the maemo wiki - appreciate the note!

Samer Azmy aka Kernel The Canine said...

Good Luck then
Please find below steps on how to format and partition your memoy card on you N810 without need to another PC

good luck

ChiaOwl said...

I think I can follow those directions, doesn't look too bad. Big learning curve but I'll get it with the help of bloggers like yourself :).

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